Try Something New

Welcome to my year long goal. Every week between ages 19 and 20 I will do something I have never done before. These things may be simple like trying a new food or drastic like traveling far away. I hope this inspires you to take a little risk and create new experinces. Stay tuned for the adventures. Thanks for your support!


A ton of new adventures while Hailey visited me for spring break this week! We tried new cafes, restaurants, shops, and a mini roadtrip! We also did some of he touristy things, but theres a reason theyre so visited, so beautiful! 


This week I toured Alcatraz. Honestly, I had gone as a kid but I remember none of it and my headphone set for the audio tour wasnt right, so it was a brand new experience to me. Was super creepy and interesting!!


This week I went to check out what all the rave was about Black Panther. It also was the first time I have been to the movies in SF. There was only two theaters it was so cute. Also the movie..10/10.


This week I went to a new farmer's market close to my apartment! I appreciate local and organic so very much! Would definitley return!


I spent the long weekend in SoCal with Keely. I've been in this place in life where I have a lot going on and just need a lot of alone time. Keely worked two of the days so for a few hours each of those I went on a walk and did my morning journal on those days. It was really nice to just decompress for a few days. Anyways, while I was there I tried a few new coffee shops and restaurants..many of them were vegan and delicious, I wish I had those places everywhere. We also went out one night in Hillcrest, it was a blast. I love visiting because I do soemthing new every day I am there. I am telling you San Diego has a part of my heart man.  


This week I just wanted to do something out of my full comfort zone. I took myself on a date to the asian art museum. It was so nice to go at my own pace and be able to skip over things or take a long time on a piece and not have to worry about anyone but myself The picture on the right was my favorite installment. Mixing the alphabets of languages was just mesmorizing. I spent the most time analzying and reading about this piece! Totally worth checking out.


This place is known for their Irish Coffee and it was delish! It is in a touristy part of town so it was packed, but worth it! The bartender was entertaining and fun and it was a good time! Also this week I started usnig conte crayons to do art and I can't believe I went my whole life without them!!!


How fitting to try a new Pho place when I got back to SF! It was called Kevin's Noodle House and it was amazing! I also tried a new coffee house called wooden. It was cute, but I think I will stick to my routine place!!


My last week in the midwest before heading back to San Francisco! My friend from the west coast came to visit so we made our rounds downtown Chicago for a day. I tried Insomina Cookies which definitley lived up to all the hype I have heard.


This week I took my niece Skye for pizza and a movie! We went to Mod pizza which was decent, but the movie Coco was very good, actually so cute! 


Le Chocolat in downtown Naperville. Such a cute spot! This was my first time here as a restaurant. I got french onion soup and it was delicious. 10/10 will return!​


WOW. Time is flyin. Week 27, I am over half way done with my goal!! This week Addy came to visit me and we went to Bowlero which I can hardly count as a TSN because I have been there, but I was there when it was called Brunswick Zone. Anywho, I did do a little shoot there (shameless plug, that was a first!! We also tried a new breakfast place called Eggs Inc. which was very general to me, typical breakfast place!!


This week was my first bolingbrook christmas party (think my first xmas party in general too) with my favorite men! Lots of catching up with people I grew up knowing which was so nice. Nothing really wild, everything was super low key the week of the holiday's for me!


So this isnt exactly a picture of it, but it is at navy pier! I went to the winter wonderfest this week at Chicago's Navy Pier with some family! It's basically like an indoor fair, all the same rides and then has iceskating! It was super cute!


This week I am back in the midwest forlike 6 weeks of winter break. Thank god, lord knows I needed to get out of California. I went to the local airport for breakfast with my daddio for my TSN. Also tried a carmel macchiato for the first time... it was damn good.

Week 23

Soooo, theres this bakery by my apartment and I had heard great things ya know, so I went and it was even better than I could've imagined...I uhh, went four times this week... Also tried a new sushi place called Sakesan. Was amazing. A foodie based week 100%.

Week 22

Thanksgiving 2017 wasmy first one away fom family, but I was in great company. A few friends and I road tripped down highway one..The central California coast is amazing. I had never been to big sur, and I will for sure be back.
Middle Eastern Food!

Hummus, just got it because yum. 
Chicken Tikka, mmm.
Falafel Pizza, my TSN never had falafel, unique, different, and I likeyyyy.

Week 21


So this trip made me over NorCal and ready to move to SoCal​. The sun was shining and I was with one of my best friends! First night we lifted and caught up. Second, we went to BetterBuzz which is a coffee shop that is everything to me. It is my life's aesthetic. Third day, drove to LA and did basic things Hollywood Sign, Santa Monica Pier, Beverly Hills. Pulled an allnighter which I havent done in so long. Watched the sunrise (right) and it looked like a sunset, it was amazing and worth every bit of exhaustaion. SM pier, flying solo to SD, & new restaurants were my TSN's, HOLLLLLLLA.


A visit close to home to DeYoung Museum. I have lived a 15 minute walk away from it for almost a year and a half and I never been until today! It was really beautiful and I already am planning a trip back. I know you can find art anywhere, but they have ART here. 


A new vegan restaurant which was yummo and a trip to angel island. Karl the fog was doin his thang and it was a beautiful aesthetic. We took the tour on a bus and then walked around for awhile. I would love to go back and hike the whole thing!


Lmao, here is a funny picture of me and my TSN. Lash Extensions. Got these babies while I was home for fall break. I love. So. Much. Plus, they're way cheaper in the midwest than in SF so ayeee.


A new home :) and A new sushi place. That's all. 

I've moved a lot in my life, like gone to 5 differently elementary schools a lot. However, coming home from college to a new house was a bit weird for me. The longest I have ever lived anywhere was in my last house and it made it harder to leave it. That's okay though, new home is in a town I have lived in before, which I like much more. 
And sushi? Well sushi is always dank. Their pad thai was gross though. :-)


My Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival virginity was taken this weekend. The annual music fest happens in Golden Gate Park. I can't believe I didn't know about it last year! I am glad I went this year though because my friends and I had a good time roaming the part friday and sunday! So grateful!

Week 14

This week was by far the most wild yet. I think I am getting the hang of saying "yes!" more than "no." First, I visited twin peaks where I did a photoshoot and had an amazingview of the city at the golden hour. Then, I had my first guitar lesson. It was amazing and was a great outlet and I can't wait til I'm a rockstar-lol. Then, I went camping for the first time ever. I don't really know how I made it 19 years without, but I did. I amd really outdoors-y and enjoy nature I can't really believe it took so long. I was in great company, but next time I want to get a hammock to sleep in because sleeping on the ground is hard-literally and figuratively. Then, I finished the week with going to a rave so really I was all over the place hahah. Raves arent really my scene, but I had never been and I actually had a really good time. Anywho, that's all for now. Get out there this week. Do more, See more, Be more. 


This one I am really excited about! I have wanted to go to the exploratorium since first semester of college and finally after a whole year I got to go! 
We went to adult night and honestly it was a blast and I wish we had more time in there I will absolutely be returning to nerd out again and explore the things I didn't get to see! If you like think that mind f*ck you, you'll love this place and if you enjoy cocktails and no kiddos around while you do it, attend a thursday night here! LOVE!


WOW. Already 3 months of trying something new! This week we are taking it lowkey, tried Dim Sum. 
It was amazing! I love asian food and the wait was worth it. I will be returning for sure!
On another note, I lost my wallet for the first time this week too. I went on and on about the honor code and what happened to humanity how could I drop it and someone take it?! Turns out I was wrong and some kind human bean (lol) will be reciving a lot of good karma because they turned it into a bank and I got everything back, yes, every penny. That is pretty incredible I think. 


This week I went to the Cal Academy. Theres more than just the aquarium in the photots, but that was just my favorite part. We did the earthquake simulator and a movie and saw many exhibits.
 I also went out a few times with friends to places I have never been. This week I really let loose and didn't let anxiety reins hold me down. Things are well and that's progress in every sense of the word! Step outside your comfort zone this week! Try something new!


This week I took the ferry with some friends across the bay to sausalito to my first art festival. The SF heat wave was finally beginnning to subside, but it was rather warm. It was a great experience with food, drinks, music, and jaw dropping art from hundreds of artists. It was totally my scene, I loved every minute. I definitley am going to make my way to more fests an you can count me back in for next Labor Day Weekend!


This week I went to the conservatory of flowers! I have lived near it for over a year and it was my first time going in! It was beautiful and exotic and my favorite part was the butterfly exhibit.
I also decided to change up my order at my go-to coffee house..I got a nitro. yes, I have had cold brew, but this is some next level shit. 
On that note, I have completed my first week of my sophomore year of college! Here we go!


A week full of coffee! 
-I tried a new coffee place back in the midwest before I left. Dagger Mountain Roastery, it is a hidden gem in Valparaiso, IN. A very cute hipster garage that is converted into a coffee house. 
I did a shoot in SF and this side job is becoming very fun for me!
-I also invested in an espresso machine & milk frother combo...a little money splurge, but I think it will be fun to start practicing latte art! My first one sucked, but the whole point of this isto TRY and practice makes perfect!


I am back in the midwest for some visiting before classes resume! I spent Saturday downtown Chicago where I have been before (obvi). This time I tried a few new things there..the hair loft where I didn't have a new hair stylist..I'm loyal to my hair woman lol! I also tried a restuarant named the Marq and it was severely over priced for the quality, but thats the city for ya! While I was down there I tried to go to the Willis Tower sky deck but the line was wrapped around the building so that was a no go. Also, it was the first time I did a photoshoot downtown when I semi knew what I was doing! check out the "portfolio" page to see more!

Minor TSN's I did as well this week was going to jelly the breakfast place and Moe Joes both with were  hella good.

Foodie life...

Week six

These next few weeks  I am back to the mdwest. I spent the first week in French Lick, IN. which is somehwere I have ​​​​​​never been. Outside of the mosquitos it was a nice vacation with laughs and drinks and a massage and yummy foods and biking and horseback riding and relaxing!

Week five

This week's firsts....Plenty!
to begin,  it was ericka's first time to california !!!
I have lived in sf for a year and this week I did some of the most basic touristy things I never got around to!
for me,  it was my first time driving in california ( to the yosemite ).
First time walking across the golden gate bridge 
First time goingto the palace of fine arts 
First time trying oysters (in a soup that I never ordered before.)
I have yet to try something i didnt like. Fingers crossed i don't!! 


Finally becoming to be a californian...For this week, I learned how to Longboard. I didn't eat shit once and I actually caught on pretty quick. Winning!! 10/10 would do again. Thank you jodie for lending me the tool(s) t o complete this New activity. I also tried Koja Kitchen which I recommend to any bay area foodies because noms af. Having too much fun with this goal and officially a month in! If you're reading this, I encourage you to join me and do something you have never done this week!

Week Three

Portland, Oregon

A full week of adventure full of new things... first time renting a car, first time for real hiking, first trip without parents, first time i used air bnb, first time i ordered chicken n' waffles, first time to all the restaurants we ate at (fuck chain restauraunts!!!), first time swimming in a watefall..etc etc etc
...and it was just all so overwhelmingly beautiful and breathtaking and inspiring and It's to hard simplify this trip because damn near everything was a first so if you care to "explore oregon" with me, check out my youtube video on the vlog section. 

Week Two

There were a few firsts during this weeks adventure! 

1) Car and I took the ferry from SF across the bay to Sausalito and back. This was so fun because we had great weather but it was crazy windy and my skin tasted and smelt like ocean the rest of the day because of the sea air...not complaining. 
2) I got a drink from starbucks that wasn't zero calories!! #Progress. I started dieting and learning about nutriton fairly early in life so I quickly learned how to avoid excess calories i.e not consuming them through drinks which means I haven't tasted alot of things. I copied Car and got an iced peach green tea and it was BOMB. 
3) On that said drink they spelt my name "Aylssa," as I spelt it for her the right way and nobody has ever mispelt that ever in my life. I swear starbucks workers do it on purpose...

Week One

The first adventure was.....visiting Santa Cruz & Carmel California. 

This was the tip off of my year long goal. It was my 19th birthday trip with my friend Jodie. Living in the city of San Francisco has been nothing short of amazing but leaving the constant go go go state was incredible. California has some of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen and I was craving more than the downtown rush.
Santa Cruz was fun and bubbly. We got all touristy and visited the boardwalk and downtown.
As for Carmel, it was lax and beautiful. Something about the mountains and the ocean is incredibly rejuvenating for me.
It was my first time to these cities and my first riding caltrain and first time riding a train alone. Pushing my fears aside is allowing new doors to constantly open.

I'm excited for this year and this goal to do more, see more, be more.